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Don Fenno Enterprises, LLC has been assisting customers in the garment decorating equipment business for over 20 years. We strive to find and represent those pieces of equipment that give the customer the best value for their purchases. We follow up with close client contact — before, during and after each transaction — to make sure the customer is completely satisfied.

We deal in new and used equipment to meet our customer’s ongoing operating needs. We also have a toll-free number 888-291-8116 to insure constant availability of our resources for our clients.

New! We have just added Replacement Lamps & Bulbs
to our New Product offerings!

14 Color M&R 2000 Challenger II


14 Color M&R 2000 Challenger II

W/ Servo Indexer, Electric Heads, Air Locks on Frames, Squeegees,Flood Bars

1 set Pallets Squeegees, Flood Bars


Located in West
Call 888-291-8116


Brand New Printex Quartz Flash Cure

Printex Quartz Flash Pic 1Printex Quartz Flash Pic 2

Brand New Printex Quartz Flash Cure

In the original Crate.

Call 888-291-8116



QLUX Screen Coater

Picture to Come

Top Shelf screen coater

Can be modified to do two 25 x 36 screens

Comes with 90 Day Warranty

Call 888-291-8116




76 Inch Interchange AirJet


Outstanding Dryer from Interchange

Top of Line  76 Inch AirJet

W/8′ Infeed  12′ Heat  8′ Outfeed

Very Clean and Runs Great

Call 888-291-8116

email  dfenno@wi.rr.com


12 Color 2001 Challenger II

IMG_064812 Color/14 Station  M&R 2001 Challenger II

W/Servo Indexer, Electric Heads, Fully Loaded

Power Required  220 volt   3 Phase 40 Amps
Air Required  21 cfm @ 100 PSI
Diameter  18′
220/240v   3 Phase  40 Amps
Located West Coast

Call  888-291-8116
Email dfenno@wi.rr.com




10 Color 1998 Gauntlet II

10 color Gauntlet II Control Panel Pic 2 10 color Gauntlet II Pic 4

10 Color/12 Station 1998 Gauntlet II

W/Servo Indexer, Air Drive Heads, Air Locks on Frames, Squeegees,Flood Bars

QFU Quartz Flash Cure, 1 set Pallets, Squeegees, Flood Bars

Has less than 2MM impressions
Power Required: 220 Volt 3 Phase 16 Amps
Air Required: 41 cfm @ 100 PSI
Diameter: 14′ 4″
Located in Midwest

Call: 888-291-8116
Email: dfenno@wi.rr.com


36 Inch M&R 2010 Heatwave Gas Dryer

HeatWave Gas Dryer Pic 1 HeatWave Gas Dryer Pic 2

2010 M&R 36 Inch Heatwave Gas Dryer

W/4′ Infeed  8′ Heat  4 ” Outfeed

115 Volt Electricity

Located in Rockies

Call 888-291-8116 or Email dfenno@wi.rr.com

48 Inch M&R Maxicure Electric Dryer

48 Inch Maxicure Side View

48 Inch M&R 1994 Maxicure

Completely Gone Over

5′ infeed  10′ Heat  5′ Outfeed

220 Volt 3 Phase 100 Amp

Located in Midwest

Call 888-291-8116
Email  dfenno@wi.rr.com

24 Inch Hix Electric Dryer

24 Inch Hix Electric Dryer Pic 1

24 Inch Hix Electric Dryer

4′ Infeed   10′ Heat  4′ Outfeed

220 Single Phase   60 Amps

Located on East Coast

Call 888-291-8116
Email    dfenno@wi.rr.com

8 Color Gauntlet II Revolver

8 Color 1998 Gauntlet  Pic 1

8 Color/ 10 Station M&R 1998 Gauntlet II Revolver Servo Indexer, Air Drive Heads Air locks on Frames, Squeegees, Flood Bars 1    Quartz Flash Cure 1 Set Pallets, Squeegees Flood Bars Located on East Coast Call 888-291-8116 Email   … [Continue reading]